The quest for a blog engine

I’ve been trying to become an avid blogger since a few months ago, but none of the available options of blog engines seem to fit my needs:

  • Easy posting workflow
  • Code blocks and highlight
  • Simple & minimalistic UI/UX
  • Markdown based – this allows me to write my posts in any Markdown editor without requiring to be logged into the blog engine to do just that, write a post

Those are my simple needs, nothing fancy, just want a casual blogger would need. I tried different blogging engines, none of which made me feel comfortable fulfilling my requirements. For months I tried Google’s Blogger, WordPress, Posterous and Tumblr and I felt most of them to be practically the same, a system with so many settings and dashboards to manage, even writing a post required me to go to the website, sign in, reserve a tab in my browser to just write my post, giving me no flexibility on when and how to write a post… I know, you could say that you can write your post in some editor – google drive, word, plain text, etc – but that means that later you have to go, copy the content and make sure the formatting is correct, making the process of posting even more complex.

Right now I’m writing this blog post in Markdown with Mou, saving the file into a directory in my Dropbox filesystem, that’s it. I think I’ve found my blog engine for the good.

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